Size Guide

We want to make sure that when it comes to choosing your next pair, you have everything you need to make the best choice and discover how elements like footbeds and materials impact how your boots will feel.

Let’s take a walk through the world of Blundstone.


We’ve been making boots for more than 150 years, and even though we haven’t walked a day in your shoes, along the way we’ve learned a thing or two: All feet are different. All brands have different fits. All feet will look and feel good in a pair of Blundstones.

We also know that knowing how each of our Series fit will be very helpful when deciding which pair to pull on next. But first, here are a few things you should know before we get started.

Our Blundstone size is a UK size. All of our boots have the UK size stamped on the bottom of the boot. We use universally standardised measurements for all our boots, however, the use of different materials and the shape of our boots can impact how they fit.

When you try your new Blundstone boots on here are a few things to be aware of:

There should be roughly 1cm of space from the tip of your toe to the front of the boot. If the front of your foot is touching the boot, they’re too small.

When walking it’s normal for there to be a slight amount of heel lift in the boot.

With repeated use, your Blundstone boots will stretch slightly over the instep, but never stretch lengthwise.

When you try on a new pair of Blundstones make sure you try them on standing, wearing socks that you’d usually wear with boots. It’s important to walk around and get a sense of how they feel.

Try them on a carpeted surface so that the bottom of the boots are protected.


The following explains how you can expect each of our Blundstone Series to fit and feel.


The Originals have a firm fitting across the top and toe area and often run true to size. Over time the thick leather will soften and mould to your foot.

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The Vegan Series have a firm fitting across the top and toe area and often run true to size. Over time the microfibre upper will soften and mould to your foot.

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Our Kids’ boots have a firm fitting across the top and toe area and often run true to size. Over time the thick leather will soften and mould to your foot. Every pair comes with an extra set of footbeds that can be removed as little feet grow.

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Women’s Hi-Top boots have a firm fitting across the top and toe area and often run true to size. Over time the thick leather will soften and mould to your foot.

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Shoes run true to size. Order up a half size for a wider fit.

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Leather lined for comfort the Classics have a more relaxed fit across the top and toe area and come with an extra pair of footbeds so you can personalise the way they fit.

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The All-Terrain, like our Classics offer a more relaxed fit with the performance of a Vibram® sole.

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The chisel toe boots have a roomier toe box and are elongated to give a dressier look. You may want to go down a size in this style.

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Designed specifically for a women’s foot this series is narrower and more close fitting than Blundstone unisex boots. If you need a wider fit go up by half a size.

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Men’s Dress Ankle boots have a slimmer, tapered fit with a longer toe box than our Blundstone unisex boots. Consider going down a half or even a full size.

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The Thermal Series like the Classics has a more relaxed fit but expect to feel a little more snug thanks to the sheeps wool footbed, which will compress over time.

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When you buy a pair of Blundstones, it’s all in the details. A few of these details are what makes a Blundstone, a Blundstone. Here are a few factors that impact on the fit of your next pair of boots.


Our half-sizes go up in width, not length. That’s because our half sizes increase the amount of space over the foot by adding more leather creating a wider fit. So, for those with a wider foot, we suggest you select a half size up. If it’s length you’re after, it’s best to go up a full size.


The V-Cut just under the pull-tab keeps the upper snug and holds its shape. So now you know, when you see a Blundstone V-Cut, you can expect our trademark craftsmanship and comfort and a boot that will stand the test of time.


When it comes to lining, different materials are going to make your footwear fit and feel differently. For instance, the quality leather lining in our Classics mean your feet will feel extra comfort and warmth from the first wear. Whereas our un-lined Originals will take a few extra wears until the thick leather softens like butter and moulds to the shape of your foot. Either way, you won’t find a more comfortable boot than a Blundstone.


Depending on the Series you choose, our footbeds can vary, and this can have an impact on how your boots fit. The thicker the footbed, the snugger the fit. The good news is, if you want your boots to feel more ‘snug’, you can pop in an additional footbed. The footbed in our Classics Series is packed with XRD® technology which provides additional shock absorption and underfoot comfort. Our Classics also come with an extra set of footbeds, or you can buy a set to suit. Some boots, like our Thermal Series, come with a sheepskin footbed, this means, they’ll feel extra snug from the very first wear. At the end of the day, footbeds exist to make your feet feel comfy, so just like choosing a mattress, it really is a personal decision.


Materials and technology have come a long way since we’ve been in the boot business and we will continue to innovate as we have done for more than 150 years.


Our smooth finish premium leather is handled less in the manufacturing process compared to suede and nubuck, this means these boots will feel tighter at first and take a few outings to wear in.


Our vegan upper is made with onMicro® technology which is a water-resistant vegan-verified microfibre. All our 100% vegan-verified Blundstones are made using lightweight and breathable materials which will make your Blundstone boots fit and feel comfortable from the get go.


Nubuck, in contrast to suede, is made from the outer side of the hide. This means it shares a lot of the same properties of suede, but it’s naturally slightly thicker and therefore more durable, hardy and may need a slightly longer wear in time.


Suede is the underside of the hide which makes it soft and delicate. Waxed suede may feel stiffer to start due to its coating but will relax and soften with wear.


At Blundstone, we believe nothing compares to pulling on a pair of boots to really discover which styles are going to fit and feel just how you want them to. To find your nearest retailer check the Store Finder here.