Blundstone People


Blundstone people

Rewind to 1870. Blundstone footwear was born and bred tough to weather the untamed terrain called home. Tested by history, from surviving colonial Tasmania, marching in the Australian army, climbing Everest, to digging in mines and labouring on the land or in the city.

And today, they continue to explore while simultaneously pounding the pavements of fashion capitals. Because of how they perform, not simply how they look. Tough yet sensitive. Substance and style. That’s one hell of a history. Toughened by terrain and heritage, Blundstones are designed to be worn and lived in. Pull them on and off up to 10,000 times. Mess them up. Dress them down or the other way around. They’ll be up for it.

150 years of Blundstone means everyday stories are the stuff of legends.

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