Welcome To The Next Generation


 Blundstone Active Series

Blundstone's Active Series combines lightweight comfort and high performance. Our innovative sneaker-boot brings a modern twist with a sleek silhouette. It has all the utility of a Blundstone boot with the flexibility and lightness of a sneaker.

We take inspiration from the everyday needs of our diverse customers and their changing lifestyles. The slightly shorter Chelsea upper and durable midsole provide flexibility around the ankle and outstanding cushioning, while the durable rubber sole provides additional grip. Our new Featherflex technology is engineered throughout the whole boot to flex and support your every step. And let’s not forget the water-resistant leather uppers that add a little extra comfort and protection from the elements.

The Active Series is designed for adventure-seekers wanting to put their best foot forward no matter the season. From the daily walk to the all-day escapade, our boots cushion and protect your feet so you can enjoy an active life.

Building on our Blundstone legacy. Welcome to the next generation.

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