All-Terrain vs the Classics

Blundstone All-Terrain Series and Classics Compared



Blundstone boots can be found on the feet of adventurers, thrill-seekers, farmers, chefs, tradies, fashionistas, creatives and makers across the world. And there is a good reason for this. Blundstone boots are renowned for their inbuilt toughness, lightweight comfort and rugged good looks. You could say that we have perfected the timeless Chelsea boot design. But at Blundstone we never stand still. We are always looking to improve and innovate our footwear without compromising on comfort or performance and both the Classics and the All-Terrain series are examples of our innovative approach in making fit for purpose boots.




Our Classics Series was the starting point for the All-Terrain Series. We wanted to create a product that looked and felt as good as our Classics Series but that would take our fit for purpose boots to the next level.




What better way to do that than team up with fellow adventure specialists Vibram®, the Italian mountaineering legends and rubber sole innovators. Our two iconic brands, with over 225 years of innovation and adventure between them came together to explore advancements in technology to create a boot that perfectly blends heritage and style with rugged performance.





As part of the development process the All-Terrain Series was thoroughly put through its paces at Vibram’s testing facilities and out in the field. They have been wear-tested in Canadian ice, snow and slush conditions, Alpine walking trails in all seasons and Australian Outback paddocks and have been worn by hikers, stable hands, musterers and farmers.

The All-Terrain Series was launched in 2021.

To help you choose your perfect boots we have explored the similarities and differences between the All-Terrain Series and the Classics below.


Similarities between the All-Terrain Series and the Classics.


• The Classics and All-Terrain Series are both all-round weather boots thanks to inbuilt water-resistant leather uppers.

• They share the rounded toe Chelsea boot styling.

• Both series feature Blundstone’s best-loved premium leather finish, the ever-popular Rustic Brown and Rustic Black.

• Both series share the same leather thickness measuring 1.8mm.

• Both series have the same lining, a combination of 0.8mm leather and breathable synthetic material to keep feet feeling fresh.

• Both soles are resistant to acid, organic fat and oil which is why Blundstones are worn throughout the hospitality industry.

• Both have a polyurethane midsole for cushioning and XRD® Technology in the heel for shock absorption.

• Both series enjoy the iconic Blundstone pull tags that make them easy to pull on and off.

• Both series benefit from the elasticated side panels that hold the foot in place and allow for natural movement.


Differences between the All-Terrain Series and the Classics.



The crucial difference between the All-Terrain Series and the Classics can be found in the sole units. The All-Terrain Series is the result of a collaboration with Vibram®, world leaders in the development and manufacturing of high-performance rubber soles.


The Outsoles.

The Vibram® rubber outsole design has increased the ratio of tread surface contact which improves grip and provides optimal traction on wet or rugged terrains making these boots ideal for winter walks whether in town or the country.

The Blundstone Classics come with rugged TPU outsoles and inbuilt SPS Shock Protection System to cushion and protect. Added to this the Classics’ XRD® Technology in the heel and footbed absorbs up to 90% of impact while cushioning the wearer.

Find out more about Blundstone XRD® Technology here.


The Tread Patterns.

A key feature of the All-Terrain tread design is its self-cleaning properties. The distinctive design of the Vibram® sole through the tread, transverse flex points and the curved arch allows for mud, snow and rocks to be safely released from the sole during normal wear. This reduces any build-up of material on the sole so the All-Terrains retain their grip and traction.

The Classics’ rugged sole profile creates extra durability and traction and is designed to take on all kinds of tough environments.


The Heel.

Both boots have double stitching around the heel for extra toughness and durability. While the Classics double stitching is revealed at the heel, the All-Terrain stitching is covered. This protects the stitching from dirt, water penetration and abrasion.

The Fit.

While both series run true to size the All-Terrain have a snug fit compared to the Classics.


The Footbeds.

Both footbeds are removable. The All-Terrain Comfort Life footbed is washable while the Classics come with an extra set of footbeds for a truly custom fit. The XRD® Technology in the Classics’ footbed absorbs up to 90% of impact while cushioning the wearer.

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The All-Terrain Series has been engineered to be worn in a range of extremely tough environments. The sole is heat resistant up to 300°C and specifically rated to maintain performance down to -15°C. The Classics are pretty tough too. Tried and tested the world over they are proven to be a reliable boot that functions optimally in all kinds of weather conditions across the globe.


The Budget.

Blundstone Chelsea boots are appreciated the world over for their quality construction and durability. Built to last, you can be assured of a quality product that is a worthwhile investment. As part of a hi-tech collaboration with renowned rubber sole innovator, Vibram® the All-Terrains are a little more expensive than the Classics. Whatever your personal style and footwear needs you can be sure that Blundstone has the perfect pair for you. And of course you can extend the life of your favourite boots with a little care.

Find out more about Blundstone Boot Care here.


The Differences at a Glance

The Series Blundstone in collaboration with Vibram®. Blundstone’s legendary lightweight Chelsea boot.
Sole Material Purpose-built rubber Vibram® outsole with XRD® Technology in the heel. TPU outsole and SPS MAX Comfort system combined with XRD® Technology in the heel.
Self-Cleaning Tread Yes --
Sole Temperature and Resistance Up to 300°C and down to -15°C. High resistance to chemicals. Resistant to acid, organic fat and oil.
Removable Footbed Type Washable Comfort Life footbed. Moulded Cushioning Footbed Plus XRD® Technology.
Extra Set of Footbeds -- Yes
Double Heel Stitching Stitching around the heel is concealed. Stitching around the heel is revealed.
Water-Resistant Leather Yes. Yes.
Everywhere Life Takes You Attitude Yes. Yes.



Walk Your Path, Your Way


Both the Classics and the All-Terrain Series share the iconic Chelsea boot style that Blundstone is renowned for. Both are designed for adventure; gripping, protecting and cushioning all-day, everyday.

As part of an exciting collaboration with high-tech sole experts Vibram® our All-Terrain Series has brought together well over 200 years of rugged boot making that has the ‘Everywhere Life Takes Me’ Blundstone attitude at its heart. Through our combined vision and innovation the All-Terrain Series with self-cleaning, feature packed soles has pushed the boundaries in the creation of a truly all-round fit for purpose boot designed for the modern adventurer.

Now we’ve highlighted the similarities and differences between the All-Terrain and the Classic Series you can feel confident about choosing your next favourite pair of Blundstone boots.

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