XRD® Technology

Shock Absorption Where You Need It, Cushioning Where You Feel It.


Years of wear and decades of innovation have led us to where we are today. Our goal is to design boots that exceed the expectations of our wearers and continually push the boundaries.

Leveraging the best of science and technology, we pride ourselves on the time spent researching, testing, selecting and crafting boots from materials and suppliers that meet our high standards.

This includes the adoption of XRD® Technology. A unique polyurethane material that is soft and flexible when at rest but will harden instantly when put under sudden and intense pressure to form a protective shell, then return to its original state.

XRD® impact foam is considered one of the most effective shock absorption materials known, absorbing up to 90% of impact force. So we make sure to utilise XRD® Technology where it is most effective. It’s in the heel of the midsole for repeated impact absorption, comfort and long-term durability and in footbeds – thanks to it being thin, lightweight, flexible and breathable.

Our wearers don’t go easy on us, and they never will. It’s our job to keep making boots that are as tough as they are comfortable. XRD® Technology takes the force of the shock with every step, reducing impact without compromising style.